Could Your Marriage Survive A Quarantine?

Brandon Lauranzon
Mar 22, 2020 10:55:00 AM

One of my wife’s lifelong friends got married in Saint Louis on March 14, just as the impacts of the Coronavirus were really starting to be felt nationwide.

The new couple went on a honeymoon to Jamaica and almost didn’t make it back into the country. Now, not only are they having to learn how to live with one another, but they are having to do so under the stress of a shelter in place order. What a way to start a marriage!

What advice would you give these newlyweds?
Could your marriage survive a quarantine?

Ray preached an excellent sermon on Marriage a few years back called, “The Marital Fail”. What if you took an evening this week to listen to it with your spouse?


I really appreciate the ministry of FamilyLife. They were the inspiration for our church’s most recent marriage retreat in Tampa. Here is a good article from them to help you prepare your relationship for a possible quarantine:

READ ARTICLE: Quarantined Together: Can Your Marriage Take It?


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